Our Credentials

Welcome to Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd. Towncars is an experienced organisation that commenced in 2009 in NSW to provide a simple, cost-effective solution to manage pre-booked transport needs for corporate and private customers. With a focus on service, Towncars aims to take the stress out of your travel!

Our Fleet

Towncars is one of Australia’s leading hire car operators. It has a range of luxury vehicles including Mercedes E-Class, BMW GT, Jaguar XF, Audi Q7, Holden Caprice, Chrysler 300 C, Land Rover (SUV), Mercedes Van Valente, Mercedes Van V-Class, Renault Master Van. All vehicles are owned and operated by professional and courteous accredited drivers.

Personal Travel

For personal travel, Towncars offers competitive prices and outstanding service. We provide a reliable transport solution for families including luggage trailers and age-appropriate child seats.

Corporate Travel

At Towncars we aim to provide our corporate customers with savings and to sustain and build long-term relationships that provide in-depth analysis and detailed, transparent reporting of journeys. Vehicle pooling or group travel, provides savings and accommodates safety requirements for after hours travel as part of WHS standards for staff.

Towncars offers a competitively priced transport solution that provides:

  • Clean, professionally maintained vehicles.
  • Professionally Accredited and fully vaccinated HC Drivers with full public liability.
  • 7 Day In House Call Centre providing personalised service
  • Reliable pick-ups (airport travel, on-time, chauffeured driven cars)
  • Age-appropriate child seats and luggage trailers with vans for family and group travel
  • Uniformed drivers for easy identification
  • Quick response times using leading edge technology
  • GPS tracking and monitoring

Professional Accredited Drivers

  • Towncars provides reassurance for our customers covering them with full public liability insurance in every aspect. In addition all Towncars Drivers are fully accredited and vaccinated(COVID).
  • The Accreditation covers health checks, federal police criminal history record and motor vehicle checks.
  • A professional accredited driver must be familiar with, and abide by The Passenger Transport Act 1990 and Passenger Transport Regulation 2007.

Public Liability Insurance

  • Every Towncar driver and passenger is fully covered by insurance.
  • Towncars Networks Australia is fully insured in all aspects, including Broad form Public/Products liability covering all claims for third party property damage or personal injury.
  • Accredited HC Drivers and Towncars Public Liability Insurance more than adequately meet all WHS requirements of corporate customers, for the safe transport of their Executives and Staff.

Environmentally Focused

  • With fitted LPG tanks producing lean emissions during travel, LPG cars in the Towncars fleet are helping to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Group travel managed by staff rosters saves repeat journeys and fuel that would be used on additional trips.
  • The Towncars fleet is serviced regularly reducing pollution. Car models are regularly updated to harness new technology that is environmentally focused.

Leading Edge Technology

  • Towncars uses leading edge software that auto allocates jobs to local drivers.
  • Towncars has a gps tracking system to assist linking our Drivers with our Customers.
  • Towncars has a quick mobile booking and website facility as well as a 7 day a week Call Centre.

7 Day Call Centre Assistance

  • Towncars invites you to call our friendly staff at our in house Call Centre:
    (02)8874-5000 Operated 7 days a week
  • Book on our website.
  • Email us on [email protected]