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Terms & Conditions


General Terms & Conditions

  • We refers to Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd.
  • Client refers to – You, your – the individual/s, company or other entity making a booking, and/or any representative or guest thereof.



1. General

  • The client will be charged for the rates set out in the booking. The client will be liable as the principal debtor for payment of amounts invoiced twice monthly by Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd. Any changes to the conditions stipulated in the order will only be considered after our written consent has been accorded. The order is considered as final only after our acknowledgment of the order.
  • Towncars may at any given time, at its discretion and without notice, alter or suspend credit facilities.

2. Subject and Limit of the Offer

  • The conditions of this offer apply exclusively to the supply of services specified herein and are not binding for additional services. The purchaser in no case will be allowed to put forward standards, specifications, statute, rules and uses, not duly accepted by the company.

3. Validity

  • All bookings are subject to availability at the time of the reservation. For operational reasons our company reserves the right to substitute vehicles of a similar category or capacity where or when necessary.
  • No refund will be made after the vehicle has been dispatched. Any amendment to a pickup time, received less than 2 hours prior to the booked pick-up time, will incur a waiting fee charge calculated from the original pickup time.
  • We must receive notice for cancellations. A non- negotiable cancellation fee applicable to the requested service will apply for all cancellations. Any cancellation by the passenger less than 3 hours from the booked dispatch time will incur the full fare. Any cancellation by the passenger within 3 to 4 hours’ notice from booked dispatch time, will incur the minimum fare, applicable in the State where the service was to be performed. Towncars reserves the right to charge cancellation fees to the nominated credit card supplied.
  • Terms are strictly 14 days. The invoice is payable within 14 days of receipt of the invoice. If there is non-compliance of this condition, Towncars reserves the right to charge all outstanding amounts to the nominated credit card supplied and/ or suspend service/bookings lodged by the client until outstanding payments are received.
  • Payment on the account will be accepted by credit card, direct credit to the Towncars account or by cash.  A Credit Card surcharge will apply.
  • Towncars reserves the right to cancel bookings, itineraries, amend fares, times and days of operation offered without notice. The client is responsible for confirming availability.
  • Booking costs do not include entrance fees, mobile phone usage, accommodation, venue costs or other incidentals unless specified to us and are added to the booking cost on a per person basis where applicable. Surcharges may apply to sporting events, special events, concerts, public holidays, and travel between 11 pm and 5 am.

4. Responsibilities

  • Except where it operates as the carrier or services supplier, Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd acts only as an agent to persons providing the services such as cruise transfer, airport shuttle or event venues etc. We accept no responsibility whatsoever in relation to, the provision, or failure to provide those services.
  • All prices and conditions specified or described on this application form are subject to change at any time.
  • Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd will not be liable, whether in tort, in contract, or otherwise for any accident, loss, delay, injury, irregularity, loss or damage to persons or property of any kind, including but not limited to any negligence or breach of contract by Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd, caused or included during or in relation to the carriage of any passenger or provision of services.
  • The above provision shall be read subject to any implied terms, conditions or warranties of the Trade Practices Act 1974 or any other Commonwealth or State legislation in so far as such may be applicable, and prevent either expressly, or implied exclusion or modification of any such term, condition or warranty.


  • When purchasing from Towncars, card details are transmitted through an application programming interface.
  • Card details are hosted by Securepay after processing.

Towncars VIP Membership Program

1. These terms and conditions form the basis of the Towncars VIP Membership Program. It is the member’s responsibility to read and understand them.
2. Terms and conditions are effective at the specified date and may be updated by Towncars from time to time.
3. Every member is bound by these Terms and Conditions.
4. The Towncars VIP Membership benefits are only available to fully paid members, which includes monthly or yearly membership fees.
5. Towncars VIP Membership will be active within 24 hours after purchase.
6. Monthly payments are automatically charged on members’ authorised credit card, unless canceled minimum 48 hours prior to the monthly fee. Yearly plan runs for full term (non-refundable).
7. The digital card membership number is valid for use only by the member and not transferrable.
8. European Premium Vehicles* may include the following models: Mercedes E-Class, Audi Q7, Jaguar XF, *Availability of European vehicles maybe restricted due to the impact of Covid.
9. Towncars VIP Membership accepts only pre-paid bookings (via credit card).


1. Weddings

  • Wedding cars packages start from a minimum cost of $555, tailored packages, personalised service.
  • Wedding Guest transfers quoted at standard rates.
  • Hotel transfers or getaway cars after the reception are priced as a separate trip to this package.
  • Please contact our 7 Day Call Centre to quote wedding cars for guest transfers.
  • Waiting time for wedding transfers will be charged at $100/hour for sedan, Van $150 per hour
  • Ribbons are complimentary if requested.
  • Pre-payment of all wedding transfers is required by EFT or Credit Card before wedding date.
  • Credit card details are required for all reservations and held as security against waiting time, cancellation, no-show and vehicle damage etc. You will be notified of any pending additional payment.

2. Special Event Transfers Pricing

  • Special Event transfers pricing is $150 for sedan and $300 for a 7 seater van, each way, as a minimum.
  • Please consult the 7 Day Call Centre on 02 8874 5000 for quotes as different venues have different logistics to manage.

Reservation Modifications

Once confirmed, your Hire Car reservation price will not change unless you change the details of your booking or extend your time/s. Should you need to modify transport times, routes or dates – please advise us by email [email protected] or phone 02 8874 5000.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your request however we cannot guarantee late changes to reservations.

You have the right to cancel your reservation subject to our cancellation policy.

“No-Show” Policy

To ensure the dependability of Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd, it is necessary to reserve and dispatch a specific hire car and executive driver to meet each customer. It is therefore necessary to charge for the car hire services (as a hotel must charge for a guaranteed room) in the event the passenger is a “no show”.

You can avoid the “no show” charge by giving us a call before the driver is dispatched. International bookings require 24 hours notice prior to the booked time. A No-Show will be charged the total amount of the confirmed fee if you do not “present” at the nominated time and place.

Waiting/Over Time

We will always endeavour to accommodate our clients who require excess time with our luxury vehicles. Within reason and where possible, the vehicle will be made available to you for as long as possible after the specified period of your reservation.

Waiting time in excess of 15 minutes will be charged at the current Cash Booking rate or applicable Corporate rate (corporate travel). The waiting time will be charged, effective from the scheduled pickup time.

Unforeseen Circumstances

We will make every effort to arrive at your collection & destination locations on time. However, occasionally, allowances must be made for unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, road and weather conditions, illness, vehicle breakdown etc. We cannot assume responsibility for circumstances beyond our control. Should there be a vehicle breakdown or mishap rendering the reserved vehicle out of commission, we reserve the right to substitute a vehicle/vehicles. We will make every effort to supply an alternate luxury vehicle and advise you prior to pick up.

Limits of Liabilities and Insurance

Maximum liability shall be limited to a full refund of monies paid pertaining only to the trip in question. All care will be taken by us, but no liability will be assumed. No claim for Liquidated Damages, Consequential Loss or for any other eventuality shall be admissible. Our Insurance policies cover our passengers whilst inside our vehicle/s & en route only.

Vehicle Damage and Bad Behaviour

If you or any person or part of your party damage or soil our luxury vehicle, interior or exterior, including all fittings and fixtures, you will be liable for all costs incurred to rectify said damage.

If you or any person or part of your party behave in a manner deemed unsafe, crass or damaging or you or any part of your party is considered intoxicated, before, after or whilst en route, we reserve the right to abort travel, evict you from the vehicle & terminate your reservation and no refund will apply. A police report will be submitted if necessary.

Safety Devices and Childseats

Seatbelts are fitted to all our vehicles and must be used by all passengers whilst the vehicle is in motion. Child restraints/booster seats must be used according to RTA guidelines. Failure to use the safety devices correctly, will be the sole responsibility of the passengers or passengers’ guardian/parent and/or the person or entity confirming the booking or shown on our invoice.

Vehicle Restrictions and Road Rules

There may be instances where vehicles are unable to clear speed humps, through turns, driveways, road closures etc., rendering some locations inaccessible. In this case, we will endeavour to collect/deliver passengers at the closest possible point we can.

Should the driver deem any location or situation unsuitable for the vehicle, an alternative will be sought and used or termination of travel will occur if necessary – the driver’s decision will be final and no refund will be paid. Drivers will adhere stringently to all legal road rules at all times. All Drivers will plot their own travel route/s.

Credit Cards/Charge Cards

Credit Card details are taken for reservations against deposits, waiting time, cancellation, no-show, VIP membership and vehicle damage etc. You will be notified of any pending additional payment.

Paying by a credit or charge card will incur a merchant fee.

Alcohol/Smoking, Vaping, and Illegal Substances/Materials

Government legislation strictly prohibit Smoking and all illegal materials and substances in all licensed public vehicles.

Alliance Partners

During peak times or on other occasions, we may use the services of other hire car or limousine companies. Although other companies will remain under our supervision, they will be governed by their own operational guidelines and operate at all times under their own insurance policies.

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Price Increases

From time to time, it is necessary for Towncars Networks Australia Pty Ltd to increase prices in accordance with tollway increases, parking tolls and Airport Ground Charge Fees increase.


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